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In general terms, the term "intervention" describes a decisive intervention against a disease process or against a pain problem. In pain medicine practice, the term "intervention" means a small, minimally invasive procedure (injection, syringe). All interventions at the IISZ are performed precisely under X-ray and/or ultrasound control. Patients are only minimally burdened by interventions.

During the first 1 - 2 weeks of therapy, in the adjustment phase, as the dosage is increased or while switching to a new medication, driving or operating machinery must be avoided. During this time, side effects that limit the ability to react are common.

Alcohol should only be consumed with caution during therapy with opiates and some other pain medications. Alcohol further impairs the ability to react, thus driving should be avoided after drinking alcohol.

Nerve pain is also called neuropathic pain. It occurs when nerve cells are damaged themselves and no longer work correctly. Pathological signals are then sent to the brain. Affected people typically feel shooting, stabbing, electrifying or burning pain.

At the IISZ, a doctor's certificate / AUF reference costs CHF12.00. The fact that an doctor's certificate is charged to the patient personally is standard practice in Switzerland and represents the norm. The reason for this is ultimately that the patient must prove to the employer that there is a restriction of the ability to work.

The evaluation and assessment of the ability to work requires a well-founded medical examination and causes additional work that is not covered by the health insurance benefits. For this reason, we at the IISZ take the liberty of charging the patient directly for work certificates.

Am IISZ werden Patient:innen aller Versicherungsklassen behandelt. Das IISZ rechnet mit schweizerischen Kranken- oder Unfallversicherern immer direkt ab. Abrechnungen mit ausländischen Versicherungen sind nicht möglich. Eine direkte Abrechnung mit Patient:innen ist ausschliesslich bei fehlender schweizerischer Versicherungsdeckung vorgesehen. 

Sollten Sie als Selbstzahler:in weitere Informationen benötigen oder organisatorische Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich jederzeit an das Backoffice:, Telefon +41 (0)44 274 88 11.


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