Volkskrankheit Spinalkanalstenose

Die menschliche Wirbelsäule enthält einen Kanal, in dem sich das Rückenmark befindet. Im Rahmen der Spinalkanalstenose kommt es zu einer Verengung dieses Kanals. Dadurch können das Rückenmark oder auch die davon abzweigenden Spinalnerven / Nervenwurzeln unter Druck geraten. Dies kann dann zu den typischen Symptomen wie Schmerz, Kribbeln in den Beinen und Taubheitsgefühlen führen.

Von Dr. med. Emmanuel Coradi 30.11.2022

Website in English

We are delighted that our website is now also in English. Check it out to find more about #IISZ, the range of pain treatments that we offer and our team.

Von Team IISZ 06.04.2022

Whiplash - (Not) a never-ending story?

Every year, many people suffer a whiplash injury to the cervical spine in Switzerland. In most cases, the typical complaints subside within days or weeks. However, in about 10% of cases, a chronic "whiplash disease" develops. In addition to other complaints, chronic neck pain is usually the main problem and has a strong negative influence on the quality of life of those affected.

Von Dr. med. Emmanuel Coradi 13.12.2021

Certified treatment quality at the IISZ

Good news for the IISZ on our 2nd birthday: The quality of our work and our treatments are awarded with the EQUAM -Quality Certificate!

Von PD Dr. med. Konrad Maurer 10.11.2021

7 Facts about back pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you take care of patients with chronic back pain?
Here are 7 facts about back pain that form the basis for successful treatment.

Von Dr. med. Emmanuel Coradi 25.10.2021

Nobel Prize in Medicine 2021 - Fundamental insights into the development of chronic pain

For the second time in the history of medicine (after Sherrington, 1932), a Nobel Prize is awarded for the description of fundamental mechanisms for understanding chronic pain. Congratulations to Nobel laureates Ardem Patapoutian and David Julius.

Von PD Dr. med. Konrad Maurer 05.10.2021

Pharmacological pain therapy: the value of opioids in the therapy of chronic pain

Konrad Maurer and Emmanuel Coradi published an overview on the significance of opioids for the therapy of chronic pain on the specialist portal MedizinOnline. In the context of this article, it is shown that a therapy of chronic pain must fundamentally be mechanism-based. The indication for long-term pain therapy with opioids should be made cautiously.

Von Emmanuel Coradi 14.07.2021

The IISZ supports 2021 Global Year About Back Pain

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) has declared 2021 the Global Year of Back Pain. The aim of this important worldwide campaign is to provide doctors, scientists and patients with the best possible understanding of the causes and treatment options for chronic back pain. The IISZ supports this important initiative and is available to provide advice and support to affected patients.

Von Dr. med. Emmanuel Coradi 14.07.2021
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