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Pain patients are the focus of attention at the IISZ. Many years of experience from academic research and clinical practice flow directly into the treatment of our patients.


Mission statement

Our patients are the focus of our efforts. Diagnostic and therapeutic measures are always coordinated individually. A personalized treatment strategy is determined based on partnership.

The IISZ provides scientifically based, goal-oriented pain medicine treatment. The team at the IISZ is constantly undergoing further training in order to guarantee well-grounded, up-to-date treatments at all times.

There are often complex causes for pain. That is why a careful diagnosis is extremely important. In addition to a precise anamnesis, a physical examination, the study of available reports and findings (X-ray, CT, MRI, ENMG, laboratory,...), the interventional assessment is of central importance. In the case of nerve pain, Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) enables the creation of an individual sensitivity profile. QST provides important information about the nerve fibers in the skin, as well as about the processing of the pain sensation in the spinal cord and brain. Taking the diagnostic findings into account, a detailed treatment plan is drawn up and implemented.

In general terms, the term "intervention" describes a decisive intervention against a disease process or against a pain problem. In pain medicine practice, the term "intervention" means a small, minimally invasive procedure (injection, syringe). All interventions at the IISZ are performed precisely under X-ray and/or ultrasound control. Patients are only minimally burdened by interventions.

In pain therapy, the use of medication is often unavoidable. By knowing the cause of the pain and the individual circumstances of a patient, the potential effectiveness of a medication can be assessed. In cases of doubt or in order to better predict or check the effectiveness of certain pain medication, intravenous drug tests (opiates, Na+ channel blockers, NMDA-R blockers) are carried out at the IISZ. The pain-modulating effect of the test medication is determined during the infusion. Based on the test result, a conclusion can be drawn about the potential effectiveness of certain pain medications.

The treatment of chronic pain is often complex. If necessary, the IISZ can rely on a broad network of proven pain specialists from various disciplines (family medicine, neurology, rheumatology, acupuncture, chiropractic, complementary medicine, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy). The IISZ relies heavily on close multidisciplinary cooperation and has a regular exchange with the colleagues involved.

Coordinated care is particularly important as the treatment of chronic pain often requires a multidisciplinary approach. We attach great importance to ensuring that individual diagnostic and therapeutic measures are well coordinated. Through low-threshold exchange with general practitioners and other specialists involved, targeted treatment management is achieved.


PD Dr. med. Konrad Maurer

FA Anaesthesiology FMH
FA Pharmaceutical Medicine FMH
FA Interventional Pain Therapy SSIPM
SPS Pain Specialist



2015-2019 Senior Physician, Institute of Anaesthesiology, University Hospital Zurich
2014  Habilitation, University of Zurich
2012-2019   Head of Pain Outpatient Clinic Anaesthesia, University Hospital Zurich
2008-2019  Head of Pain Research Unit, University Hospital Zurich
2008-2014 Senior Physician, Anaesthesiology, University Hospital Zurich

Consultant Anaesthetist, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, London, UK

2004-2007 Postdoctorate, Neural Plasticity Unit, University College London, London, UK
2002 Doctorate in Medicine, University of Zurich
1996 Federal State Examination, University of Bern

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Im Rahmen seiner oben genannten Tätigkeiten erhielt und verwaltete PD Dr. med. Maurer Drittmittel von verschiedenen Institutionen und Firmen:

Dr. med. Emmanuel Coradi

FA Anaesthesiology FMH
FA Interventional Pain Therapy SSIPM
SPS Pain Specialist



2016-2019 Specialist, Institute for Anaesthesiology, Männedorf AG Hospital
2015 Senior Registrar, Intensive Care Medicine, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne Health, Australia
2012-2014 Senior Physician Anaesthesiology and Interventional Pain Therapy, University Hospital Zurich
2007 Doctorate in Medicine, University of Zurich
2004 Federal State Examination, University of Zurich

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  • Regelmässige Vortragstätigkeit.

  • Organisator von Lehrveranstaltungen

PD Dr. med. Jürg Schliessbach

FA Anaesthesiology FMH
FA Interventional Pain Therapy SSIPM



2020 Habilitation, University of Zurich
2019-2021 Head of the Anaesthesia Outpatient Pain Clinic, University Hospital Zurich
2018-2021 Senior Physician, Anaesthesiology, University Hospital Zurich
2011-2017 Further training in anaesthesiology (hospitals Burgdorf, Langnau, Inselspital Bern)
2010 Resident in neurosurgery, Inselspital Bern
2010 Doctorate in Medicine, University of Bern
2008 Federal State Examination, University of Bern

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Viktorija Ilic

Medical Practice Assistant EFZ
Vocational Trainer



2015-2019 Medical Practice Assistant, Pain Clinic Zurich, Dr. A. Bätscher & Dr. M. Hartmann, Zurich
2012-2015 Medical Practice Assistant, practice management, Dr. U. Oberdieck, Zurich
2011-2013 Medical Practice Assistant, Dr. J. Brühwiler & Dr. E. Chassée, Zurich

Ivana Chomytsch

Certified Nurse HF



2020 Diploma in Nursing HF, Centre for Education in Health Care, Winterthur
2018-2020 HF degree in Nursing, Klinik im Park Zurich, Hirslanden
2016-2018 Health Professional, Klinik im Park Zurich, Hirslanden
2016 EFZ Health Specialist Diploma

Tanja Saxer

Certified Nurse HF



2018 Saxer Creative & Baking, Business Owner
2014-2020 Nursing Specialist Monitoring Care, Männedorf Hospital
2003 Diploma Nursing HF

Tanja Ulmann

Medical Practice Assistant EFZ



2022 MPA RheumaClinic Bethanien
2015 - 2022 MPA Dermatologists Zofingen, Dr. med. Thomas Gutersohn
2015 Vocational and Practical Trainer
2015 Medical Practice Assistant EFZ


University Hospital Zurich

PD Dr. Konrad Maurer, PD Dr. Jürg Schliessbach and Dr. Emmanuel Coradi are mandated doctors at the Clinic for Neurosurgery and the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the University Hospital Zurich. Due to these mandates, the IISZ has the opportunity to treat complex cases in an interdisciplinary manner. Thus, particularly neuromodulation treatments can be offered at the highest level.

Universitätsspital Zürich

Zurich Medical Association

PD Dr. Konrad Maurer, PD Dr. Jürg Schliessbach and Dr. Emmanuel Coradi are members of zmed, the Zurich Medical Association. More than 220 independent physicians and selected outpatient institutions are members of zmed. General practitioners and established specialists in various fields work closely together in the largest network of physicians in Zurich in order to provide high-quality and coordinated care for patients.



EQUAM Quality Certificate

The EQUAM Foundation awards the EQUAM Quality Certificate "Specialized Medical Practice" to the IISZ - Institute for Interventional Pain Medicine Zurich as of the 1st of November 2021. As part of the certification process, an analysis and assessment of the corporate procedures and processes was carried out. Particular focus was placed on a detailed examination of the quality of medical treatment and, above all, the quality of outcomes at the IISZ. We are proud that the IISZ meets the strict requirements of the EQUAM Foundation without any difficulties and is able to offer its patients the highest level of treatment quality.

EQUAM Stiftung

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